The Worst Thing You Can Do in Your Career

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Stew Friedman is a Wharton professor who encourages his students to share intimate details of their lives, while the profs down the hall are talking about statistical analysis. But he’s aiming a bit higher than the standard business school fare; Stew helps students – and the rest of us – better manage the interaction of four domains: work, home, community, and the private self. Here’s a typical soundbite: I encourage you to clarify what you care about most, then who you care about most, then discover thru dialogues what you need and expect from each other. In most cases, this reveals you have more room to maneuver than you thought.” Stew argues that simply trying to achieve “work/life balance” is not nearly enough. Instead, you have to choose the people who matter to you, and actively seek opportunities for change that you haven’t seen before

Step into your weaknesses?

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Brilliant article from Liz Ryan, CEO and Founder, Human Workplace entitled, Step Into Your Weakness