Month: September 2014

How to get that dream job.

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I was having lunch the other day with a friend who had been out of work for a year. He finally had a decent offer on the table and asked me out because he wanted my opinion. “It doesn’t look like a bad job, but what if something better comes along?” he asked. He then proceeded to tell me all the reasons the position might not be a perfect fit. ……………….read on to see if he took that job. Thought provoking article from Chester Elton.

6 Ways to Reduce ‘Homing from Work’

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Handling career and family in the digital age comes with new challenges. There are prevailing notions that there is never enough time, things aren’t always done to our liking, and we have the intense pressure to do it all. Forget unplugging – we are hard-wired now! And add to that working-mother guilt. I strive to be the best at work and at home, but finding the time to complete everything can result in the dreaded “homing from work.” The opposite of “working from home,” this phenomenon is seen in 93% of today’s professionals, completing personal tasks on the employers’ time. Click through to read this article from Erin Krehbiel, Chief Marketing Officer at Global Benefits Firm.